Powering Through Your Day

By the end of your work day, you might find yourself looking for ways to reenergize yourself. Dr. Joel from revivelifeclinic.com tells us that one of the best ways to revitalize and regenerate your fuel cells is to find foods packed with vitamins, minerals and protein. Luckily, we’ve got the perfect smoothie recipe to keep your head off your desk and in the game!

The Green Power Smoothie is the perfect beverage to keep you going from morning until the evening and can be done in under 5 minutes! With tons of flavour and texture, this healthy dose of energy can be filling or used as an in-between meal snack.

We understand that our members live very busy lives and we work hard to accommodate their needs to the best of our abilities. One of the ways we help our members save time and effort is by providing quick and easy-to-make food and drink recipes for them to stay on top of their game mentally, physically and spiritually. You can also enjoy one of our infamous Greco smoothies after your workout at any of our locations!

See the full recipe for our High Protein Green Power Smoothie here: http://grecofitness.com/breakfast-of-champions-high-protein-green-power-smoothie/#NOGO

The Green Power Smoothie is also known as the “TG Power Smoothie” and can be found in Dr. Joel’s book “Power Foods 101”.

Dr. Joel
Dr. Joel

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